Ferdie made all the difference during our recent trip to South Africa.  He is extremely seasoned and finds the perfect balance to connect with his clients and pass on his vast knowledge and passion for South Africa and the bush.  It’s amazing how much more there is to discover than just ticking off the Big 5. I can highly recommend Ferdie to ensure you will have an unforgettable Safari experience!

Joerg Meiner – Germany


What to say about Ferdie!!??... Aside the fact that he made the safari in South Africa one of the most amazing trips (wich by itself would be already a superb achievement!!!), Ferdie simply managed to transfer to us his love, dedication, knowledge, passion and deep understanding of South Africa and the African bush.  When he first introduces himself you might think “hhhmmmm, let’s see, another guy that is going to drive us around and fill us with lots of stories to make the guest happy!”.......then he starts driving and stops at every bird he sees (God knows how many names he told us and I shamely remember only a “Franklin” and “Zazu”, sorry Ferdie... but even if I don’t remember names I got all their colors and sounds in my mind still, which counts 1000 time more than a name for me!!)   We are in the bush and you think “c’mmon, thee are not only birds hear I want to see the rest”... you just need to ask and game drive after game drive Ferdie introduces you to all the wonders of his everyday vacation place. Jokes aside (well, it was all true!), his knowledge expands into so many directions but still he is able to channel and transfer it to the guests letting “South Africa grow inside” (as one of the other guests wonderfully said during a coffee break in the morning sun). He passionately shares the bush with its colours, at sunrise or sunset, captured by his camera – and teaching you to properly use yours if you wish to...  The bush and its sounds: tyhe birds and their singing, the elephants with their trumpeting, the wild dogs early morning killing and the silent and peaceful butterflies..  The bush and its smells: the trace of an elephant, the flowers and grasses, the smell of the rain, the wild basil and the poisonous trees... but also the very special work of dung beetle...... and more explanation of the beauty of rhino’s dung J (...let’s not give all details of this explanation!!). The bush and it’s reality: its beauties, it’s animals, the troubles to find the right balance between enjoying it and preserving it not only for the guests, but for everybody to appreciate its wonders in many ways, with the photography, the drives, the walks, the climbs, and more..... Yes, Ferdie passed a lot of his passion and knowledge to us and he has more and more to share with the lucky guests who wish to have a real great experience in the bush.  If you are planning to go to South Africa ask for him..... look for him between the bushes.  He wiil leave no questions!!!!  Thanks you Ferdie and ..............See you next time for a new adventure!

Paola Mulas  - Geneva Switzerland


What an amazing safari with Ferdie!!!  He was our guide and was the best and most knowledgeable we have ever had.  We were extremely fortunate to see and experience the variety and quality of sightings of wildlife given all the rain and long lush grass.  The sightings Ferdie showed us were the closest and best quality we have ever experienced.  His vat knowledge of birds, plants, ecology and wildlife coupled with his passion for the African bush just enhanced out visit.  We saw elephant, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, kudu, impala, buffalo waterbuch, baboon, wild-dog, rhino hyena (both brown and spotted), jackal and a pride of at least 17 lion – a most magnificent sighting.  Ferdie also showed us many species of birds and we learnt a lot about the fauna & flora of the area.  Ferdie also took us into a local cave to experience the bats and geological formations.  Ferdie is also passionate about photography and took some magnificent photos which he has shared with us.  He is a true gentleman and a professional who went out of his way to make our stay special and memorable.  We will certainly contact Ferdie for our next personalized safari!!

Ged Steele – Canada



My wife and I have lived in Africa for 30 years, however the last 15 years I have lived abroad in Canada. I decided to bring my children back to SA to experience the bush and wildlife with them, for their first time.  We were met by Ferdie our game ranger for the 4 days we spent their. To try and sum up the trip in a few words is very difficult but I will try. Firstly Ferdie’s professionalism and knowledge is second to none ( I have been to many parks in my 30 years).He kept my twin kids (10yrs) engaged in conversation and information the whole time, even when we were back at base camp. We saw every animal including Black Rhino from various distances up to a few feet away from the vehicle. At no times did I feel unsafe as Ferdie explained to us on more than one occasion the animals traits and what to do and what not to do near them. He was extremely forth coming with information about the animals as well as the bird life and all fauna as well. A real treat to listen to. Nothing was too much to ask and many a mornings where spent getting up at 4am without complaints until late into the evenings. I would recommend Ferdie to any family wanting to go on Safari no matter how experienced or not you might be. Ferdie is also a fantastic camera man and will take all pictures you require and email them to you at the end of your trip. The way Ferdie conducts himself you can see this is a job he love, live and breathe and he certainly made our safari a trip to remember for the rest of our lives.

Andrew Lipworth - Canada


I have been on many safaris in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenia... I actually never write a comment, or get the opportunity to write one, but Ferdie is one of the best rangers I have ever met. He has a lot of knowledge, he loves his job, but most important he has passion for nature. He stays enthusiastic from dusk till dawn, loves the big animals but also appreciates the tiniest creatures. I have had a wonderful 3 days safari!! Thanks

Anne van Doorn - Netherlands



Ferdie has to be among the best guides in the world. His knowledge is amazing, his passion and enthousiasm is heart warming. He always goes the last mile and he also knows when not to talk.

He was our guide for 3 days in Madigwe, it was an experience we will never forget. Anyone that gets Ferdie as their guide can be sure that they not only will see everything that is possible to see, but if the game isn't around, the knowledge that Ferdie gives about the plants, birds and area is also inspiring.

Jackie Reardon - Netherlands



Ferdie is just fantastic! His knowledge, passion and enthusiasm combined makes him one of the best game rangers that I have ever met. Having the background of conservation is also amazing, as he sees every blade of grass, and every insect, just as exciting as the bigger animals (well...if you can spot a white tailed mongoose for Ferdie, it will make everyone’s day!)

I would confidently recommend Ferdie as a guide on a vehicle or on foot, you will have an experience of a lifetime!

Karen Keyter – South Africa


My husband and I visited the Sabi Sands Game Reserve in May and we were SO lucky to have Ferdie as our ranger. He is incredible at what he does! His passion for nature and the animals is clear to see. We were blown away by his knowledge...we learned so much in such a short amount of time with him. On our drives he would spot certain flowers/plants/grass/etc. from a distance and stop to talk about them. It was so impressive that he could do this. It was our first time on safari and Ferdie made us feel safe when we were close to the animals and on foot! It was a trip that we will never forget. We highly recommend going on safari with Ferdie, no doubt he's the best!

Lyndsey Veneri - USA